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Discover Your True Potential

Those who have used your potential to fulfill their dreams are rich today...

And not you.

To live a desired life just having dreams is not enough.

Nobody dreams of hard work or a slogging job, we all dream about name, fame and money associated with that particular work or job…

​But the truth is to earn that name, fame and money you need to have knowledge and possess wisdom to use that knowledge.

So come out of this misunderstanding, that people with big dreams become successful.

If this was true then those thousands of people who land daily in Mumbai, dreaming to become a Bollywood actor, would have become successful actors, and nobody would have been doing any other work in this world.

Getting my point?

Since childhood our minds are molded in such a way that…

We have to go to school and study hard to get good grades, so that we can get a secured job to earn our daily bread butter, and make our employers rich.

This is not called LIVING, this is just called SURVIVING.

It's a common tendency in most of us, whenever we see any successful entrepreneur, certified chartered accountant or a qualified engineer we aspire to be like them with a perception that pursuing such professions will give us happiness.

But, sooner or later you realize that how much struggle and competition is there in that particular profession and this wasn’t the life you were expecting for yourself.

Same was the case with my husband…

Adnan, was very much interested in learning computer programming since he was in high school.

His enthusiasm and fascination towards this intelligent box persuaded him to work part time in an aluminium fabrication factory for an exchange of 500 bucks so that he could pay for his computer class fees.

The learning of programming languages further encouraged his interest to study B.E in computer science with a thought of building his own softwares and selling in market after attaining this honorable degree.

Soon after graduation he realized that, whatever he learned so far was not sufficient to set up a software company.

He decided to take a job in some IT company and gain some experience about how an IT company works.

10 years passed, in between we got married and responsibilities kept on growing, which scared him of uncertainty in any business…

Thoughts that forced him to withdraw from a commitment to start his own endeavor were

  • Handsome amount of capital

  • Some extraordinary software idea

  • Backup to survive without any returns at least for 3-5 years

  • Money to clear all existing EMIs and Loans

This is a mindset of every single person in some or the other job. People slog day and night to achieve their dreams.

Truth is people spent their entire life, saving money to fulfil their dreams, but ultimately end up losing those savings in medical expenses in their old age.

People get stuck in daily 9 to 5 rigorous routine and thinking capacity of a job oriented person gets saturated.

Salaried persons lack financial freedom. A sudden blow of expense creates a hole in their pocket and disturbs the entire budget of the month.

If they desire for a dream holiday in a foreign land they have to rely on a vacation loan or EMI. Almost everyone of us depends on a car loan to afford a normal car (forget about the dream car).

Owning a house has become impossible for a salaried person without any home loan, in which they have to pay double the price of the house in 15 - 20 years, thus resigning from enjoying luxuries for this period and even sometimes it’s difficult for them to fulfill necessities.

Very less time is left for other recreational activities. College days hobbies simply die since pursuing these hobbies become secondary.

People who are trapped in job, miss to enjoy the special moments of their children in their growing years due to the hectic schedule. Cannot pay heed towards their school homework as well.

They have less time for family.They do not have enough time to talk to their respective spouse or even nurse their parents.

Cannot attend weddings or parties of friends and relatives as a person is busy to meet the deadlines of  the project assigned by his boss. Hence time constraints do not allow to socialize.

Weekends are just spent resting or lying in the bed as people are so much tired, physically and mentally both. Energy gets drained and a person cannot plan something exciting even if he wishes to.

Belief of a salaried people decreases gradually and they start thinking in terms of monthly compensation which they get in return of the time/efforts they put to work.

Don't you think such people are the prisoners of any national and multinational companies?

Yeah, that reminds me something to share…

I had been to a zoo with my little one few months ago. I saw a lion in the cage. He looked so royal and mighty but still helpless.

A terrestrial animal that doesn't tolerate trespasser lightly sit quietly in the zoo and see people visiting him often.

Lion in a Zoo

Lion in a Jungle

Lion’s roar is a symbol of his ferocious trait in the jungle but in the zoo it's an entertainment for the visitors.

Though he is cared and protected in the zoo but he loses his freedom. He gets a ready meal and becomes addicted to the spoon feeding eventually losing his ultimate instinct of killing a prey.

Do you realize what am I trying to convey?

This is what me and my husband observed and realized that our condition is same as this lion in the cage.

Before we proceed, I would suggest you to ​watch this really inspiring video by "The Scramblers".

To come out of this situation we were in search of an opportunity with minimum investment and high returns in short period, which we can pursue part-time, and eventually replace it with our full time job.

Fortunately we found the same.

​While pursuing this opportunity we came across many successful mindsets and decided to consolidate the secrets that led them and even us to success in this short book.​

If you are thinking that what has mindset to do with coming out of any kind of debt...

Believe me, whether it be a hefty home loan, a credit card debt or ​some other liabilities, or any other major problem of life...

Everything depends on the way you think of that situation.

​For instance, if you ​keep on complaining about your problems, ​they are never going to end, but if you stay calm and think about solutions, you'll comeout of that unpleasant situation faster.

So, take a leap and click on the button below to discover some common traits of successful minds in every aspect of life


This book is compiled to help people like you who are trapped in above said circumstances and want to come out of it just like us.

​It will help you break your conventional mindset to think like a successful person and will give you blueprint to build ideas to become wealthy in very short time.


I like to help people achieve and maintain a good health along with financial freedom.

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