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Dreams and Reality – The Life of a Common Man

Mumbai the city of dreams, a financial capital of India, where thousands of people across the country land on to this destination everyday with the hope of making it big.

These aspirants leave their native, family and home behind in search of the possible favourable choice that this matropolitan city seems to offer. Though Mumbai may have an ocean of opportunities but also brings along struggle hard work, smart work and the most important factor luck. The city has many goodwills to give but also demands efforts to grip one's feet in this soil. It is the city which never sleeps, comprises the crowd of those enthusiasts and a flock of people with high spirtis who are willing to work even in the back breaking circumstances.

In this essay of life some lucky ones proceed and succeed while others are not that privileged to make their mark. Majority of people are trapped in morning to evening tedious jobs earning their bread and butter.

Agree with me? Even I was one of them.​

Most of the families have single earning person and sadly some of them are just hand to mouth. They become so busy in this fast pace life, that they have very less time left for their family and friends.

Their capabilities and dream to achieve something, almost die struggling with daily life problems. The worry of being retired and the post retirement situation snatches sound sleep. Finally when this period comes people realize that they failed to fulfill their dreams and hang up becoming dependent on their children and relatives.

Don't you think many of us fall under this category?

I am not saying that you don't have potential​ to fulfill your dreams. We all have two hands to work, equal access to our brains. Then what is the reason that some of us achieve great success while others stuck struggling with such situations.

Why Ambani's or Tata's or Birla's are the richest, and you and me are just a middle class common man, seeking jobs and/or in small businesses struggling to earn our livelihoods.

The single most biggest reason of any such situations in your life is your mindset. Until you break your mindset and think about it and ask your self, that "Is this the life you thought of living?". If you are in a job or a small business and are offered a salary, ask your self, "Do I deserve only this much? Or I deserve much more than this?"

See, its only you who can identify your true potential and achieve what you deserve. Remember Dhirubhai Ambani's saying...


​So, give it a thought. Think and act now to make your DREAM a REALITY.

Ask these questions to yourself...

Do I have a time freedom?

TIME FREEDOM means having less routine and restrictions, and more flexibility in our schedules. People often complain that they are busy, but my friend let me ask you in what so important task are you busy? So much occupied that you do not have time to visit your parents or pay heed on your child's homework. Ask yourself, whether you have got married to your spouse or job. We cannot remove TIME for ourselves. Time constraints do not allow much to enjoy our life and persue favorite hobbies.

Do I have a financial freedom?​

Talking about FINANCIAL FREEDOM, you or your family members do not posses the decision making power. It is  bank balance who decide the forum of your economic activities. Moreover there is no security of life. We cant anticipate future. There is no guarantee that we will return home safely in evening. So just think buddy have we saved and done something great that will provide our family with financial freedom and security?

Do I have freedom of purpose?

Am I doing what I like and love to do? Or I am stuck in doing work what is told to me by others to do just for the sake of "Kya karein, jeena hai to kerna padega"?​

Did I establish my individuality?​

Freedom of INDIVIDUALITY is to develop and express a unique personality and life story both in private and public sphere. To achieve success and create a history. To be looked upon as role model by others.

If the answers to the above questions you have asked yourself is NO

Click here to connect with me so that I can show you how to attain these freedoms, change your thought process, become a successful person and live your dream life.


I like to help people achieve and maintain a good health along with financial freedom.

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