10 Herbs To Maintain Your Fasting Blood Sugar Level

Here's how one of my friend dropped his fasting blood sugar level to normal and got off insulin in less than 3 months, after several years on prescribed drugs! And if only he'd known about this "health supplement" he could have prevented the whole problem before it ever started.

Umesh is a 40-year-old father of two, marketing full time to earn living for his family.

Umesh was diagnosed for diabetes for around last 15 years, by a highly qualified doctor having around 15 degrees and certificates hanging on the wall of his clinic, with no sign of improvement. Doctor went on increasing the dose of medicines and situation was getting even worse.

Seeing him inject himself daily morning & evening with insulin, his wife and children felt very bad about him and he only knew how he bared the pain he was having.

“On average, I paid 3000 INR per month for my treatment,” Umesh said. “This was not easy because I did not have a regular income, I am in a marketing field, but I often felt too weak to work, because of my diabetes. Thank God no one else in the family is sick,” he says

In addition to the financial burden of medicines, keeping to a low glycemic index diet (including foods such as beans and lentils) was a major challenge for Umesh.

Now, before we dive into the list of herbs (which he took in a form of health supplement) that helped Umesh get off insulin and cured his diabetes, lets first have a look at some facts and figures.

As per World Health Organization (W.H.O), 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year, and it's destined to move up the charts quickly, given the way we eat. It's hard to believe but true that practically each food we consume contains sugar.

The key to avoid/cure diabetes is to balance your blood sugar now.

There are two types of Diabetes:

  • Type 1. Insulin depending and usually diagnosed at early age.
  • Type 2. It is the most common, 90% of diabetics have this type and is insulin resistance Diabetes.

The body of a person with Diabetes cannot produce enough insulin, or has cells that do not respond to the insulin produced. Take out 10 minutes of your time to watch out this video by DIABETES UK. It’s worth watching and explains how diabetic person’s body works.

There are simple steps you could consider and implement to improve your condition:

  • ​Exercise. You may need to work out up to 1-2 hours a day. Get into an exercise program to help you to reach better shape
  • Choosing What Not to Eat. Eliminate bread, pasta, potato, fruit such as banana, pineapple, corn or any such food which digest very fast
  • Choosing What to Eat. ​The best foods for diabetes are most often whole foods that are not processed, such as fruits and vegetables.

This is a well-known fact that diseases like diabetes has become very common in last few generations, and these are the results of drastic change in our eating habits and lifestyle.

Just like our fast life our food has also become Fast Food.

2 Major reason of any kind of illness in a human body are (And I bet you’ll agree with me on following)

  • ​Stress: Today we have time for everything and everyone except ourselves. We don’t take adequate sleep which our body requires, for example we are early to rise but do not go early to bed. We all are addicted to machines and don’t do physical exercises in our daily routine, for example; we mostly prefer elevators and avoid climbing stairs.
  • ​Lack of Nutrition: Three sources, through which our body intake nutrition are:
  1. AIR: Survey shows that every 1 person out of 4 is smoking. Even though we don’t, the passive smoke which we are inhaling is more dangerous than the person smoking beside us. So, we all know that we are inhaling polluted AIR, and we are not fulfilling our body’s nutrients requirement from AIR
  2. WATER: Today we can’t drink water without purifying it, and RO (purifier) filters out the impurities of water along with the essential minerals required for our body. Hence the water we drink is a dead water (just for the sake of killing thirst).
  3. FOOD: Research shows that the Nutritional value of food we intake has degraded over the period. For example, we all know that our ancestors lived longer lives then us and that too very actively, the reason was the diet they use to follow was full of nutrition. 5 Apples we consume today is equivalent to 1 Apple they ate.

There are no substitutes for Stress i.e. we must take out time every day for ourselves to take adequate sleep and proper exercise to stay Healthy and Fit.

​But, there do exists substitutes for Lack of Nutrition, Food Supplements!

Believe me or not, today we all require some or the other food supplement to fulfill our body’s daily nutrition requirement.

Remember! In old days, whenever any lady got pregnant, they use to maintain their diet and take all the essential nutrients from natural sources. But in current era as soon as a lady get pregnant, doctors recommend some or the other Protein Powder or a supplement, because our food contains insufficient nutrition.

This Shows that we are taking Food Supplements even before we came in this world.

​AYURVEDA is an oldest discipline in the field of medicine. Food Supplements made from extracts of natural herbs are most recommended as they have no side effects on human body and are efficient in curing most of the common diseases in the current generations.


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I like to help people achieve and maintain a good health along with financial freedom.

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