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Post Diwali Scenario

Have Delhi celebrated a clean Diwali this year or still it has to go long way to reach the goal?

When the king Rama, his queen Sita and brother Laxman returned Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years, their subject welcomed the trio with great pomp that included grand feast and lighting of diyas.. (earthen oil lamps)

Back in history there existed no crackers but flames of classic Deepak lighted the pathways and delighted every hearts. Deepawali still gleamed in its simplicity.

Then the advent of sparkling crackers, added a new flavor to Diwali. Although fireworks enhance festive moods and scintillate the sky beautifully, its explosive nature have also brought hazardous impact on atmosphere over the years.

This concern for environment and to tackle Delhi's alarming pollution levels, the Supreme Court had banned the sale of firecrackers in National Capital Region (NCR) a week before Diwali. The court, however, had allowed the bursting of firecrackers that had already been bought.

Story Highlights on Pollution

Ban on sale of crackers in Delhi failed to ensure pollution-free Diwali
Several areas in Delhi recorded severe damage to air quality due to thick smog. Chennai, Mumbai have also witnessed a dense cloud of smoke

Probably it means Delhiites and other metro cities couldn't honor the order by law.

We talk about green house effects and worry about global warming, using of Eco-friendly goods and protecting endangered species. Ironically we  enjoy burning those noisy, toxic and extremely harmful fireworks in the name of celebration. We do not bother of its awful consequences in spite of knowing the facts

Moreover some fringe group gave this ban a color of religious sentiment.

Why do these guardians of culture and religion do not understand the exact value of Diwali which is much more above than bursting crackers.

When Diwali is considered as a victory of purity over dirt.. then why not we should be responsible to keep our environment clean like we clean our houses, especially during festivals.

Diwali is considered as victory of light against darkness then why do we hesitate to enlighten our vision for clean and green city.

We even believe that it's all about knowledge over ignorance. Then in spite of knowing it's setback we continue to follow lame practices.Sadly our actions are inversely proportional to our thoughts.

The above scenario is not just confined to Delhi.. in fact pollution is a major issue in most of the urban and rural areas in our country. The quality of air, water and land is getting deteriorated by leaps and bounds and so the health and well being of most people.

Off course it might be difficult for a single person to bring the change in system but contributing a drop in an ocean by us can encourage to make collective efforts by all the citizens of our country.

Indian law is not against enjoyment it only pleas to care about environment and burn the crackers carefully in limit. Not only in Diwali but also in weddings and other celebrations.


I like to help people achieve and maintain a good health along with financial freedom.

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NAJMUDDIN - last year Reply

Factually corrrrrect

Yasmeen Barnagarwala - last year Reply

For earth,for life n pricisely for healthy future of our kids we have to welcome this change.
Nice writeup..

Saifuddin - 11 months ago Reply

How the celebration dose organise by time Rama’s at thousand years Is there crackers was available @ the polluted

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